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At the University of St. Gallen
29. - 30. November 2017

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About the IGNITE Conference

Our Vision - Drawing a path towards a more meaningful business world.

At IGNITE, we question business as the phenomena that is currently known, challenge the status quo, and commit to a more purpose-filled world. With the IGNITE Conference, we strive to inspire students and business people alike by showing that business can be oriented towards a higher purpose and realized according to values which allow companies to embrace their responsibility in society in a more sustainable manner. We are convinced that there is no trade-off between purpose and competitiveness as purpose-driven companies are in fact unique in their leadership style, corporate culture, and positive social impact.

At the IGNITE Conference 2017, we want to engage in a dialogue on purpose-driven business and its implementation. Each of our speakers represent an exemplary business and provide unique insights into their experiences. The goal is to offer the participants and the speakers an inclusive environment where the individuals can ask profound questions, engage in the topics, discover for themselves what personal relations and values they have, and experience how simple it is to have a positive impact by pursuing purpose in business.

This November, the journey continues and you can unite forces with us to experience, engage in, and shape the future of business and work. Thus, it is our pleasure to invite you to help us create a more meaningful business world by contributing to the IGNITE Movement.


Inspirational Leadership: How to become an inspired and inspirational leader? How to create a common vision in your organization that everyone can live by? How to foster inclusive decision-making?


Strong Company Culture: How to create a strong company culture and values that enable the team members to become and active part of the organization? How to support each other to best realize individual and collective potential? How to create accountability?


Positive Impact on Society: How to reinforce society through business? How to combine profit and positive impact? 


People just like you are already loving IGNITE

  • It gives me great pleasure and much hope to see university students devote their time and energy towards making the case for a world in which companies strive to give people purpose in work and life. These students represent our future as societies and I am hopeful they will ignite a more humane and sustainable view of work with their fellow students and many more. IGNITE is a source of great personal inspiration for me.

    Pa Sinyan
    Manager, Gallup Germany
  • I strongly believe in the power of inspirational leadership to engage people towards addressing seemingly insurmountable challenges. IGNITE Conference sheds light on underlying key factors, that align corporate culture with a common purpose and vision reaching towards serving the well-being of humanity. IGNITE has therefore my full support.

    Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari
    Managing Director of the globally no.1- ranked SIM-HSG at the University of St.Gallen
  • An inspirational workplace, where employees follow a common purpose, helps to create a positive working environment internally and an attractive corporate face externally. Employer branding needs to be based upon authentic values that people live by. The IGNITE conference demonstrates the potential of common values and a strong corporate culture for establishing a positive brand - therefore I support it.

    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein
    Academic Director of the Executive MBA Program at the University of St. Gallen
  • IGNITE! It was such a joy to see the young leaders and the business elite taking the lead driving the world to bring purpose in businesses.

    Dr. Violet Lo
    Founder Inclusive Business Lab, China
About the Speakers

Speakers of the 2017 IGNITE Conference

The 2017 Conference will host successful business and thought leaders who are as diverse as the industries they work in and the countries they come from. Their inputs on the topic of purpose-driven business combined with their impressive personal and practical experiences makes each of our speakers indispensable actors of the IGNITE Movement. The strong relationships built with them throughout the year preceding the conference has enabled us to set the scene for a revolutionizing and inspirational journey. The 2017 IGNITE Conference will represent an essential milestone on this path.

    IGNITE Conference 2017 in numbers

    Two intense days, all about a more meaningful business world


    Corporate and Student-Participants


    Speakers from all over the world


    Engaged Employees in Switzerland

    About the Program

    During the various keynotes, the participants will gain precious insights in different purpose-driven businesses. The traditional view of doing business will be confronted with the experiences of business leaders who, through their work, will show new and disruptive ways that business can be done. In addition to the keynotes, the interactive workshops will allow the participants not only to be spectators of the IGNITE Movement but to actually take part in it.


    IGNITE Conference 2016

    After having introduced the topic of purpose-driven business at the first IGNITE conference in 2015, the second conference focused on the key characteristics of purpose-driven business: leadership, corporate culture, and impact on society. The first day targeted purpose on an individual level and highlighted its role in a working environment. The second day addressed the topic on an organizational level providing insights into corporate best practices. Limiting the number of participants and enabling students, partners and speakers to intensify their mutual exchange over a dinner at Netts, St. Gallen, created an interactive and conducive atmosphere.

    Check out more info from the first Conference 2015!
    Download Final Report Conference 2015
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    Students and Accademia

    Students and Academia

    Free for Students and Academia
    Only 120 places available
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    IGNITE Conference
    29. - 30. November 2017
    at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


    Thank you to all our partners who share IGNITE's belief in the positive power of business

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    Your contribution matters. Join IGNITE on its journey and help us to continue growing. Have we sparked your interest? If you would like to find out more about IGNITE or become a partner please contact marla@ignite-movement.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Vision Partners

    Our vision partners share the vision IGNITE stands for. They inspire us, support us in many ways and have showed us some of the best-practices that prove that many purpose-driven businesses are very successful. Besides that, they are also participants at our conference, take part in the workshops and keynotes and give us an additional perspective in our discussions.

    Corporate Partners

    Our corporate partners are companies that can relate to the topics of IGNITE and share similar values with us. They see the challenges today’s businesses face first-hand and agree with us on how business should be done. Besides their important financial support, they are participants at our conference, take part in the workshops and keynotes and allow us to create meaningful interactions between students and corporate representatives.


    Our collaborators are companies and organizations that support IGNITE with different services and help the movement grow. They allow us to share the insights of the IGNITE Movement with the best tools, such as an updated web page or by connecting IGNITE with other students and universities.

    Supported in kind

    Our various supporters and sponsors of food and beverages allow us to offer caterings to all of our participants. Through their products and services, we can guarantee a delightful and pleasing experience and provide refreshing drinks and delicious snacks for the attendees of the conference.


    Why the University of St.Gallen

    The HSG is deeply involved in the surrounding community, with faculty personally supporting roughly 300 businesses in the region. Passionate and excellence-driven culture makes the HSG a suitable location for our conference.

    IGNITE Crew

    Join the movement.

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