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Everyone can be a leader - starting in your family, your everyday life and at work. Do you want to learn more about how to be listening, authentic or servant leader? More about new forms of leadership approaches or how to build a strong corporate culture? Or do you want to get the chance to participate in international company visits? 


Then join our IGNITE MOVEMENT as a student to participate in IGNITE Get-Togethers, Workshops or Case Studies with Leaders and Academia and many more advantages!


We’re looking forward to getting to know you in person and igniting the fire for purpose-driven business together with you!

The Community - IGNITE Movement - is open for everyone interested in IGNITE-related topics and those who share our values. 

What does a (passive) Membership entail?


  • be part of the inspiring&welcoming community - get to experience it!

  • get 1-2 Newsletters about new learning, insights and upcoming IGNITE events each semester

  • get to join IGNITE events and meet likeminded people

  • the passive membership is for free as we want to provide an open platform for exchange!

How can I become a passive member?


Follow our social media to stay updated!

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