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Be the Catalyst for a

Meaningful Business World

Dear Ignite Movement Supporters,

Why Donate?

Student-Powered Change: Ignite Movement is entirely run by students, fueled by a shared vision for a more meaningful business world. Your donation directly empowers the next generation of leaders to drive positive change. Running a student-led club comes with its challenges, and your generous contribution helps us cover essential fixed costs, ensuring the continuity of our impactful initiatives.

Educational Empowerment: By supporting Ignite, you enable us to engage highly motivated students in meaningful debates and facilitate valuable exchanges with the business world, fostering the next generation of purpose-driven leaders. Our annual conference is a pivotal event, bringing together visionaries, professionals, and students to discuss and shape the future of purpose-driven businesses. Your donation helps finance this transformative event, creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration.


How You Can Support:

Your donation, regardless of size, makes a significant impact. Join us in igniting change and creating a business world that values purpose, authenticity, and collaboration. Scan the QR Code below on your online banking App to contribute and be a catalyst for positive transformation.

Thank you for being part of the Ignite Movement. Together, let's make a meaningful difference in the world.

With gratitude


As a dynamic club run by passionate students, Ignite Movement is at the forefront of shaping a purpose-driven business world. Our commitment to inspiring leadership, fostering strong company cultures, and reshaping corporate governance wouldn't be possible without your support

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