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Inspiring contents from world leaders - the ones that inspired us in the first place! 

Start with why

Simon Sinek (Start with why) talks about the principle behind every successful person or business - the principle of the Golden Circle. Check out to see what makes an organization outstanding and successful!

The power of truly human leadership

Bob Chapman, CEO at Barry-Wehmiller, talks about the power of truly human leadership

Purpose:a constant search for 


Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari talks about how purpose, powered by
cope with numerous disruptions our world is facing at the moment. 
transormation, can be the personal and organizational solution to

NextJump Culture Deck: How to build a great corporate culture

Nextjump culture deck. Non-firing policy among other things.


Reinventing Management at Gore

Terri Kelly (CEO of Gore) talks about Gore's original management model.


Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

Ricardo Semler (CEO at SEMCO) gives a Ted Talk about building an organization where you can choose your own boss, salary and work time.

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