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For a successful purpose-driven business world, inspired employees are key. We believe this is achieved through inspirational leadership, company cultures, a new approach to corporate governance.


IGNITE’s purpose is to empower companies to inspire their employees and, through this, create a meaningful business world for businesses and employees alike. We also strive to engage highly motivated students in the debate and enable exchanges with the business world.

We achieve this through our yearly conference, our community, as well as workshops, events, trips and company visits throughout the year.


Our endeavour rests on three pillars. Inspirational leadership focuses on transmitting the passion of the vision to the employees. Company culture ensures the purpose and core values of the company are lived on an everyday basis in an environment where employees feel at home. Lastly, a new approach to corporate governance addresses two aspects: firstly, including the vision in the decision making process across all levels within the company. Secondly, giving more independence with an optimal organisational design to every single employee to allow them to live to their full creative potential. We believe these pillars are highly interdependent and should be looked at in combination.


The purpose and vision should be lived at every level of any organisation. We believe that leadership plays a key role to transmit passion, commitment and reasons to pursue an activity with fulfilment. 

  • How does one become an inspirational leader?

  • How does one create a common vision in an organisation?

These are the main questions we strive to answer under the pillar of inspirational leadership.


Culture stands at the center of how a vision can last in time. It is is the manifestation of the corporate vision and values within an organisation truly lived by employees over time. We believe that culture also plays a central role for the personal development, and mental and physical health of employees, leading to sustainable value creation inside the company. 

  • How can we create a strong company culture and values that enable team members to become a proactive part of the organisation?

  • How do we support each other in the organisation to best realise individual and company-level potential and goals?

  • How can we create accountability within our organisation?

These are the questions this pillar aims to answer.


Lastly, the governance pillar looks firstly to provide answers as to how the purpose of a company can be integrated in all decisions the company takes at any level and how it cohabits with profit. Secondly, organisational design determines the company’s structure in terms of its office layout as well as the degree of departmentalisation and centralisation. This time we ask how the company lives the purpose and stays true to itself, setting the base for inspirational leadership and a sound company culture.


According to Gallup for example, only 20% of employees worldwide are engaged in their work. In western Europe the number stands at only 11%. These numbers reveal a significant potential in the field and therefore a potential for a more meaningful business world, a higher quality of life and increased as well as sustainable value creation. 


Teamwork makes the dream work

We recognise that only as a collaborative team with team members supporting each other, we can achieve our vision and realise our projects.

Thirst for knowledge

Curiosity and continuous learning are a key: not only for the whole movement, but also for the personal development of each member.

Work hard play hard

We get our shoes dirty and are committed to work relentlessly towards our goals. When reaching a goal, being it a small stage finish or a massive milestone, we celebrate our success.

Walk the talk

Authenticity is vital for human connection. In order to create a trustworthy and professional environment, we are committed to the implementation of our spoken words and to maintaining coherence between our values and our behaviour.

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