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How do you define success?
How will your actions impact the world?

IGNITE believes that business has a great power to positively impact society. We envision a world in which companies do not need to choose between social values and financial performance - both can and must be achieved. This is why we strive to inspire purpose-driven business with both students and company representatives. 

With this aim, we are creating a movement to connect and inspire interested people all while continuing the dialogue and implementing the topic.

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People    IGNITE

  • Great workplace - great brand

    An inspirational workplace, where employees follow a common purpose, helps to create a positive working environment internally and an attractive corporate face externally. Employer branding needs to be based upon authentic values that people live by. The IGNITE conference demonstrates the potential of common values and a strong corporate culture for establishing a positive brand - therefore I support it.

    IGNITE Movement Quotes
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein
    Academic Director of the Executive MBA Program and Director at the Center for Customer Insight at the University of St. Gallen
  • Bringing purpose to businesses

    IGNITE! It was such a joy to see young leaders and the business elite taking the lead driving the world to bring purpose to businesses.

    IGNITE Movement Quotes
    Dr. Violet Lo
    Founder Inclusive Business Lab (China)

Our brand ambassador: Omid Aschari

“I strongly believe in the power of inspirational leadership to engage people towards addressing seemingly insurmountable challenges. IGNITE Conference sheds light on underlying key factors, that align corporate culture with a common purpose and vision reaching towards serving the well-being of humanity. IGNITE has therefore my full support.”

Pic Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari
Managing Director of the Strategy and International Management Master at the University of St.Gallen


Inspiration is the first step of the IGNITE process - the sparkle that lights up the fire. All occasions during which one gathers thought-provoking ideas fall under inspire - the conference, videos of purpose-driven leaders, articles and single events.


Check out how last year´s conference kicked off our movement

IGNITE Conference 
29. - 30. November 2017

IGNITE Conference 2017 focuses on connecting the individual and the organization. The first day is dedicated to the purpose of the individual as a leader; the second day will aim at creating purpose on a company level.

IGNITE Conference 2017

Partners supporting Purpose-driven business

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Drop a line to Marla - marla@ignite-movement.com

Our journey of inspiration

The aim of this blog is to collect stories from inspiring characters around the globe. The blog is to be seen as a source of inspiration gathered by our personal experience with the target to spread the idea of purpose-driven business.


AppenzeLl's best kept secret 

Inspiring Journey

What comes to your mind when you think about Appenzell?  Green mountains… Little wooden houses. … and public squares where people get together in order …

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IGNITE Meets Victorinox

Inspiring Journey

Ever since the IGNITE Movement began, we’ve sought to meet and discuss with purposeful companies that put into practice the ideas that we discuss in our …

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What is purpose-driven business? Why is it the next big thing? How do companies implement purpose-driven business? Which challenges do they encounter in doing so?
Check out our library to gain an insight into possible answers to these questions and more.
In our library we have collected articles, books, podcasts and videos from experts and practicioners. Let us know what you think.

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Latest contents

The power of truly human leadership

Latest contents

Start with why


In order to deepen the knowledge of purpose-driven business, and to enable students and corporates to meaningfully connect on the topic, we have developed Implement. We promote practical projects for students and corporates to truly start living purpose-driven initiatives.

IGNITE Connect

IGNITE Connect is our Bachelor and Master Thesis platform which connects students and academia with business practices. IGNITE Connect aims at discussing in-depth and ultimately applying the themes discussed during the conference to real business cases. This will further the movement and benefit both students and companies! 

More about IGNITE Connect

IGNITE Movement Team

The people that are organizing IGNITE

We are an inspired and international team of 18 people.

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At Impact we gather the success stories of the individuals affiliated with IGNITE, and who have gone through the Inspiration and Implementation phases. These individuals have brought real positive impact within an organization, and society as a whole, and under Impact we share their intriguing stories and show how they did it.

IGNITE Movement Impact Story

“I see education as the key force for lasting social transformation”

Nora Wilhelm (22) exploring and promoting Integral Education at Fundación Paraguaya and writing her Bachelor´s thesis in international affairs about it.

Driven to challenge the educational status quo and wanting to go back to South America Nora decided to write her Bachelor´s thesis on a topic she cares about, in an impact-oriented mind set and to make a real contribution. Supported by Alexander Schieffer (HSG, Trans4m) she connected with Eduardo Gustale from Fundación Paraguaya at IGNITE Conference 2015.


Join the movement.

We have many events, we share knowledge and we discuss. All about purpose-driven business and like-minded people! Together we make a change :) Currently we are setting up the community round the topic with practical initiatives, like IGNITE Connect and the Community Exchange Platform. Sign up for the newsletter to not miss any updates and events!